Sunday, February 15, 2004
Arod to the Yanks? One word: disgusting, need I say more. Their third baseman tears his ACL in a pickup basketball game in the offseason, so what does any rational team do? Trades for a marginal third baseman to fill the gap, as the Yankees did, getting the immortal Mike Lamb from, who else, the Texas Rangers in a trade last week. Now, what do the Yankees do, but start off with the sensible thing and compound it exponentionally, getting the AL MVP, and the consensus best player (a SS I might add) in the AL to play third base! Adding 20m to the payroll this year to bring it to a staggering 190m in total, almost the payroll of entire divisions in baseball rather than teams. All of this which goes to show that the Yankees will always be . . . . The Yankees, while the Red Sox will always be . . . second.
Tuesday, February 10, 2004
Regarding the Rasheed Wallace trade to the ATL, AP story here, my thoughts are these . . if you are looking to clear your roster of malcontents and the Jail-Blazer image, why would you trade the one player away who will go away at the end of the season anyway. That would clear his huge 17m salary off the books, both saving money and getting rid of him at the same time. Also if you are going to trade 'Sheed, why wouldn't you package one of the malconents who you can't get rid of because of their contract girth and length, such as Ruben Patterson, Damon Stoudimire et al. rather than use the other huge salary coming off the books, Wesley Person with him in the trade. The net for the Blazer is overpaid Abdur-Rahim and Ratliff for this and next season, plus everyone else you couldn't pay to get rid of. This trade also embraces the 50m in extra money for next year, according to ESPN insider Chad Ford, what rebuilding for Portland? What they should have done is keep Person and Wallace, lopping off 25 million off their cap this offseason. That would give them options in the free agent market for sign-and-trades, trading away the Jail-Blazers you really want to get rid of.
Monday, February 09, 2004
The beginning . . . of something. We'll see what this amounts to, whether I truly have the web disciplined to link and post to all the great content I seem to find somewhere on the internet. You can get a head start on my by checking out where I usually point my browser, ESPN.com , Slashdot or even The New York Times . All good choices that I will be checking in the future. To be continued. . .
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