Thursday, March 04, 2004
ESPN.com - San Francisco 49ers - Clubhouse

I can't take it anymore, the 49ers decline into organizational mediocrity has reached new levels. Slowly, since the ownership change from Eddie DeBartolo to his sister, Denise and her husband John York, the "49er way" has become the cheap and incompetent way. The purging to Bill Walsh, Carmen Policy, Dwight Clark, Steve Mariucci, Jeff Garcia, Terell Owens, Ron Stone, Derrick Deese, and the inane hiring of Dennis Erickson, while letting rising coaching star Jim Mora Jr. leave, begets a bitter ugly taste in the mouths of the 49er faithful never seen before. Never before have the 49ers ever let those ticketed to stay in San Fran, leave, but now it seems to happen more an more every offseason, like rats from a sinking ship. The status of the 49ers as a premier organization in the NFL has passed, and they are well on their way to becoming a rudderless ship. What change needs to be made you ask, the answer comes in an organizational philosophy of some coherence throughout the front office and onto the field, something the 49ers have enjoyed for the past 20 years and perfected. While the Niners will always be in my heart, it seems as every year the team gets farther from the 49ers I root for, towards the nebula of the rest of the teams in the NFL.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004
ESPN.com - MLB - Report: Bonds, others received BALCO steroids So the elephant that has been standing in baseball's living room for past year or so finally gets validation. While speculation surrounds all the allegations, finding out that at least some of the best players in the league were using steroids, maybe even to break one of baseball's most holy records, shakes the foundations of baseball. Can we look at baseball players, the regular man's game, the same ever again, and the answer must be equivocally no. While ignoring it has been the rule, now that it has validation the community can no longer stand idly by as if it didn't happen. The issue is no longer testing the players to ensure fairness, the issue is that players have been using it and the game is forever tainted. The cloud hanging over the past few years record is the players union fault, because we don't know whether they were or weren't, unfairly casting the taint on everyone. The players themselves though, are ultimately accountable for their own actions, and I plan to hold them as such.
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